Michigan Peoples Defense Network Call to Action

Announcing the formation of the

Michigan Peoples Defense Network (MPDN)
Resisting white supremacy and fascism everywhere!

The Trump election has emboldened the most right-wing, racist elements and encouraged a culture of hate. Reports around the country and here in Michigan indicate an upsurge in threats and attacks against many sectors of our population including African Americans, Latinx, Muslims, the LGBTQ communities, migrants, people with disabilities, women and others. We need to respond with more than messages of unity and solidarity.

It is necessary to come out in defense of anyone under attack by racists and fascists. We are prepared to physically defend any victim of such threats or attacks. We are also dedicated to the rejection of institutionalized racism. That may mean defending a mosque, church, synagogue, home, organization or individual who asks for our help and solidarity – with our voices and our bodies. We will not allow the KKK, Nazis and their kind to run rampant and unopposed.

The Michigan Peoples Defense Network was founded December 10, 2016. We have set ourselves the serious work of organization, planning and coordination to show that white supremacy, racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, anti-migrant attacks, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitism and fascism have no place in society.

We welcome you to join us:
Michigan Peoples Defense Network (MPDN)
Web: www.mipeoplesdefense.net
Facebook: MichiganPeoplesDefenseNetwork
Phone: (313)288-2754
Email: PeoplesDefenseNetwork.MI@gmail.com

If you and/or your organization endorses this statement of the Michigan Peoples Defense Network, please email the endorsement to PeoplesDefenseNetwork.MI@gmail.com.

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